The launch of Ibiza Concepts 'Fund & Build' Initiative

We can help fund and build your Ibiza property development

We can help fund and build your Ibiza property development

Need money to build your Ibiza property development?

You own the land and you have full planning permission to build your property development in Ibiza?

But you don't have the money to fund the build costs, the taxes and the professional fees?

Then talk to Ibiza Concepts, because we have the experience, the funding and the project management skills to help you complete your Ibiza property dream.

Never has the time been so good to build property in Ibiza. 

Contact us today for information about our 'Fund & Build' services and get that project off the ground.


The best view in Ibiza? Amazing 'off market' Ibiza mansions for Serious Investors only.

The view from our latest 'off market' mansion property investment

The view from our latest 'off market' mansion property investment

As Spanish Property Prices continue their unprecedented rise, especially within the luxury market and to be precise the Balearic Luxury Market, Ibiza Concepts have some amazing off market property development opportunities.

Aimed at end users who wish for their dream Ibizan mansion, Ibiza Concepts have several off market mansions, ripe for refurbishment to bring them back to life.

We offer a full professional service including legals, architectural design, planning, project management and construction so that you know your money is not only safe but that your asset is appreciating every step of the way. 

Returns on these rare properties are in the region of 40% from purchase through refurbishment and if required resale. Current changes to planning laws mean no more mansions can be built in Ibiza, therefore our 'off market' mansions are the future.

Call us today 0034 619 49 2012 or 0044 7880 550442 to start your Ibizan Mansion dream . . .its closer than you think.

Calling Serious Property Investors - Its time for some facts


Old mansions for renovation on Ibiza represent incredible returns on investment

Old mansions for renovation on Ibiza represent incredible returns on investment

Ibiza property values are rising faster than ever.  Again, its fact.

Due to recent Balearic planning law changes no more new mansions can ever be built on Ibiza.  Again, its a Fact.

However, Ibiza Concepts have been one step ahead and have secured several 'off market mansions' for serious property investors to make serious money - minimum 25% returns - Fact

We manage your investment from beginning to end.  

Ibiza really is the place to invest for any serious property investor. Contact us today for the very private list of 'off market mansions' we have available or for more information visit 

Please note every potential investor is vetted for net worth.

We are serious about you, and we want you to be serious about us.



'Off Market Mansions' for reformation in Ibiza - incredible returns, completely project managed by Ibiza Concepts from beginning to end.

The days of building new mansions are over.  Time to refurbish the existing ones

The days of building new mansions are over.  Time to refurbish the existing ones

Now that new planning laws only allow new rural houses to be a maximum of 320m2, the only way to find that elusive Ibizan mansion is with us.

Contact us today for further information and to get the password to view the properties we have hidden within our site.

Reformation projects are not subject to the current Ibiza moratorium and work can start immediately the property is built.  50% returns on investment are completely realistic.

Please note we do not send details out to just anyone.  We will ask you to sign a confidentiality statement before we send you any information. Serious property investors only please.

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InvestIbiza - the new April 2017 Portfolio is released today!

The safest way to invest in Ibiza's fast growing property market

The safest way to invest in Ibiza's fast growing property market

We are pleased to announce the release of our InvestIbiza Portfolio 2017.  If you are looking to invest in property in Ibiza then this is NOT to be missed.  

We are NOT estate agents, we are NOT a concierge business, we are NOT a boat charter company.

But we ARE a professional property investment business. 

Every scheme we offer has been quality checked for legality and we ensure they all meet local planning laws.

If you want low risk property investment in Europe's most exciting island then contact us at and we'll send you the April 2017 Portfolio.

Is it time for the planning authorities in Ibiza to be more adventurous? ¿Es el momento de las planificación autoridades en Ibiza más aventureros?

Sustainable building - bringing buildings into residential use

Sustainable building - bringing buildings into residential use

Ibiza Concepts and it's team has over 20 years experience of sustainable building, specifically bringing old, run down or unused buildings back into use.  This can include redundant farm buildings and ruins into luxury villas, redundant commercial buildings into social housing or workers accommodation. The list is endless.

Ibiza Concepts y su equipo tienen más de 20 años de experiencia en bioconstrucción, restauración de arquitecturas catalogadas y rehabilitación deviviendas históricas,  dándoles una segunda oportunidad. Esto puede incluir edificios de granja sin uso y conversión de ruinas en villas de lujo, edificios comerciales sin uso en vivienda social o alojamiento detrabajadores. La lista es interminable.

What is clear in Ibiza is that the current mindset of the Consell D'Eivissa needs to change.  Ibiza has to continue growing but it must be done sustainably.  The heritage of the island can be maintained whilst adding modern and contemporary aspects.  Take the picture above for example of a ruin brought back to life with bold modern glass and interiors.

Lo que está claro en Ibiza es que la mentalidad actual de la Consell D'Eivissa debe cambiar. Ibiza ha de seguir creciendo, pero debe hacerse de forma sostenible. El patrimonio de la isla se puede mantener a la vezque se pueden sumar aspectos modernos y contemporáneos.  Una ruina reestructuradacon cubierta de cristal es una opción moderna y audaz.

Planning laws need to reflect the desire to retain heritage but also to respect change.  Ibiza of all the islands in the world is dynamic and open minded, it surely is time the Consell D'Eivissa caught up with this wind of change?  By investing in the rural areas of Ibiza the beauty of the island will be retained.  By investing in the change of use of urban buildings currently not being used opens up affordable housing for local people and seasonal workers.

Las leyes de planificación deben reflejan el deseo de conservar el patrimonio pero también respetar el cambio. Ibiza es la isla más dinámica y abierta de mente del mundo, ahora es una gran oportunidad para que el Consell D'Eivissa aprovecheeste viento del cambio? Es a través de la inversión sostenible en las zonas rurales de que la belleza de la Isla de Ibiza. También invirtiendo en el cambio de uso de edificios urbanos actualmente en desuso, poner en el mercado viviendas asequibles para la población local y los trabajadores estacionales.

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Old meets new . . .. time for Ibiza to allow the same?

Old meets new . . .. time for Ibiza to allow the same?

The wait continues . . .does the Consell D'Eivissa have a clue what it's doing? ¿La espera continúa... .no la Consell D'Eivissa tienen una idea lo que está haciendo?

Dubai - an example of how it can be done.  Dubai - Un ejemplo de éxito.

Dubai - an example of how it can be done.

Dubai - Un ejemplo de éxito.

So we are now close to the end of a 3 month review of the proposed revision of the Plan Territorial D'Eivissa. The Col·legi Oficial d'Arquitectes de les Illes Balears has mounted along with many other planning lawyers a legal challenge to have the revision to the Plan Territorial thrown out.

Así que ahora estamos cerca del final de una revisión de 3 meses de la propuesta de revisión del Plan Territorial de Ibiza. El Col·legi Oficial d ' Arquitectes de les Illes Balears ha montado junto con muchos otros abogados de planificación un desafío legal a la revisión de la Territorial Plan lanzado hacia fuera

The Consell D'Eivissa frankly does not have a clue how to handle the growth of Ibiza and its tourism.  They blame lack of water, lack of utilities and too many tourists.  What a ridiculous excuse!  We suggest the Consell D'Eivissa go visit Dubai, once a desert, now a thriving world tourist destination with massive plans for the future. And before you say it, you're wrong, Dubai did not make it's money from oil.

El Consell D'Eivissa francamente no tiene ni idea cómo manejar el crecimiento de Ibiza y el turismo. Ellos culpan a la falta de agua, falta de servicios públicos y demasiados turistas. ¡Que excusa tan ridícula. Sugerimos el Consell D'Eivissa ir a visitar Dubai, una vez un desierto, ahora un próspero destino turístico mundial grandes planes para el futuro. Y antes de decirlo, te equivocas, Dubai no hizo su dinero del petróleo.

Ibiza needs a strong and forward looking council to provide social housing, to provide workers accommodation and to allow the island to grow whilst being sustainable. The current administration has no clue what to do, its time a vote of no confidence was made and an end is made to this appalling coalition.

Ibiza tiene un fuerte y con visión de futuro Consejo para proporcionar viviendas sociales, para proporcionar a los trabajadores alojamiento y permitirle a la isla crecer y ser sostenible. La actual administración no tiene ninguna pista qué hacer, su tiempo se hizo un voto de no confianza y un final se hace a esta coalición terrible.

If you care write to your local Councillor, tell them you are not happy, demand more from them.  Or sit and watch the demise of this amazing island?  I know what I'll do.

Si usted cuidado escribe a tu concejal, dígales que usted no es feliz, demanda más de ellos. O sentarse a contemplar la desaparición de esta isla? Sé lo que haré.

Write and express your dissatisfaction to the President of the Consell D'Eivissa Sr. Vicente Torres Guasch

Its time to make Ibiza the world destination it deserves to be, its time to wake up the Consell D'Eivissa.

Escribir y expresar su descontento al Presidente del Consell d ' Eivissa Sr. Vicente Torres Guasch

Su tiempo para Ibiza el destino del mundo que merece ser, es hora de despertar el Consell D'Eivissa.

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Ibiza watches and waits for news of the Plan Territorial

Plan Territorial Insular

Plan Territorial Insular

The wait goes on as many of the islands property lawyers led by the Balearic Architects Association get legal with the Consell D'Eivissa.  The current stop on all rustic planning applications has been deemed illegal by the architects association as has the ridiculous changes to the proposed Plan Territorial Insular.

Land owners across the island have seen their investments stopped in their tracks, all caused by inexperienced Councillors who frankly appear to have no idea of the law. 

Everyone within the property business of Ibiza should take the time to write to their local Councillor demanding their support to remove the proposed changes to the Plan Territorial Insular immediately. 

The only thing the changes will make if they are allowed to become law?  More illegal building - hardly a useful result. 

One wonders how long it will be until a vote of no confidence in this administration can create a mid-term election to bring back some sanity to Ibiza and it's sustainable development?

Plan Territorial decison delayed - Plan territorial decison retrisado

November 25th came and went and no decision about the final Plan Territorial De Ibiza was released in the end.

We now learn that it will be released on November 30th 2016.

Our lawyer and architect will examine it and we'll release within 24 hrs a full report of the changes being made to the plan.  Stay tuned!

25 de noviembre iban y venían y ninguna decisión sobre la final Plan Territorial De Ibiza fue lanzada en el final.

Ahora sabemos que se estrenará el 30 de noviembre de 2016.

Nuestro abogado y el arquitecto lo examinará y lo soltamos dentro de 24 horas un informe completo de las modificaciones al plan. ¡Estad atentos!



Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa - big changes being announced Friday Nov 25th 2016

How will the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa affect you?

How will the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa affect you?

Friday November 25th 2016 will see a new list of changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

The wait for land owners, property developers, builders and residents is finally over.

There have been many rumoured changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa however we at Ibiza Concepts will have all the facts for you as they are announced on Friday.

The changes may well hurt many people.  Indeed If you have just bought some land without a project/planning permission you may not be able to build on it.

Changes may even be retrospective so even those people with submitted planning applications may still have to redesign their projects and resubmit.

What is certain is that there will be a large degree of uncertainty.

Times like these people need clear and concise information.  Can you trust your architect/agent to know exactly what all the proposed changes will mean and how to ensure your land or project will achieve planning permission.

We will be live at the Consell D'Eivissa whilst updating this page live on Friday as full details of all the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa are announced.

For more information about the proposed changes or for help with a project you are submitting or have submitted then contact us today.

Viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016 verán una nueva lista de cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

La espera para propietarios, promotores, constructores y residentes es finalmente sobre.

Ha habido muchos rumores cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa sin embargo conceptos de Ibiza tenemos todos los hechos para que usted como anunciaron el viernes.

Los cambios bien pueden lastimar a muchas personas. De hecho si usted acaba de comprar un terreno sin un permiso de planificación del proyecto puede no poder construir en él.

Cambios pueden incluso ser retrospectivas así que incluso las personas con presentaron aplicaciones de planificación puede todavía debe rediseñar sus proyectos y vuelva a enviarla.

Lo cierto es que habrá un alto grado de incertidumbre.

Tiempos como estas personas necesitan información clara y concisa. Puede confiar su arquitecto/agente para saber exactamente lo que significa todos los cambios propuestos y cómo asegurar su tierra o proyecto va a lograr permiso de planeamiento.

Estaremos en vivo en el Consell D'Eivissa y actualizando esta página viva el viernes como se anuncian los detalles completos de todos los cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

Para obtener más información acerca de los cambios propuestos o para obtener ayuda con un proyecto presenta o ha presentado entonces comuníquese con nosotros hoy.

Ibiza Concepts sizing up 'Dubai Concepts'.

Al Marjan Islands, Dubai

Al Marjan Islands, Dubai

Very exciting news this week from one of our UK based clients seeking to potentially open a brand new hotel & clubbing venue on the magical islands of Al Marjan, Dubai.

Tasked initially with an investigative field trip of the city and reclaimed islands, Ibiza Concepts is beginning an in-depth investment report for one of the UK's major club players. As the clubbing culture changes in the UK, sadly at the moment for the worse, major operators are looking further afield for new markets.

The brief includes background research of the islands potential for a new super club, open all year round, targeting clubbers from around the world. Dance music is rapidly changing as are the demographics with the average age of a clubber higher than ever with more dispensable income.

Matt Denyer, Director of Ibiza Concepts said 'the exciting thing about property is that you never know where or what the next project might bring and our office is now buzzing with Middle Eastern promise because of our clients requirements'.

Ibiza Concepts will be meeting with Al Marjan Island LLC, the investment group handling the islands development in the coming weeks, watch this space for more news as the project develops.




White Island film premiere raises €500 for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

An amazing film by Colin Butts

An amazing film by Colin Butts

We are delighted to announce that the Ibiza film premiere of 'White Island', the amazing film by Colin Butts, raised €500 for the charity Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.

Jonny Lee, Director of the charity said 'Thank you for choosing LNADJ as the charity for the White island film night it was great to get the opportunity to raise a little more awareness and equally get to see the movie whilst raising funds.'

Ibiza Concepts has decided to work with Last Night a DJ Saved my Life as their nominated charity for 2017 - stay tuned for more events and fundraising from Ibiza Concepts throughout 2017.

Business is not just take, its about giving too. 

Thank you to all those who came and supported the Charity Film Premiere of White Island.

And also big big thanks to Richard from Garbi Hotel and of course Scott Gray from Melonbomb.  Winners of the Best Recurring Event of Ibiza 2016!

Ibiza Concepts preferred charity 2017.

Ibiza Concepts preferred charity 2017.

Successful premiere of the film White Island by Ibiza Concepts

Ibiza Concepts was honored to present the film White Island exclusively for Ibiza in simultaneous broadcast withe Leicester Square, London

A massive thank you to Matt Denyer, Merel Poots and Pablo Salon of Ibiza Concepts and to Colin Butts, Fulwell73, Richard at Garbi Hotel, Scott Gray, Billy O'Rafferrty, Jonny Lee and A DJ Saved My Life for all your help and support for the Ibiza Premiere of White Island. Good luck with the film Colin Butts. It was a great, local Ibiza night and an honour for Ibiza Concepts to be involved. Watch out for our next pop up charity event.


Ibiza Concepts brings you the White Island Film Premiere - Ibiza

Monday October 10th 2016 at the Hotel Garbi, Playa D'en Bossa, sees the much talked about White Island Film Premiere coming to the island.

In a simultaneous broadcast with Leicester Square, London, you can be one of the first to see White Island.

Come and be part of 'pop up' event history.  All monies raised going to the amazing charity Last Night a DJ Saved my Life. 

We are proud to be a part of this event which is putting something back, business is not all about take, take, take and never should be. 

With music provided by Scott Gray from Melonbomb, what more could you want?

See you there on Monday night.

What will replace Space, Ibiza?

Space Ibiza has closed its doors for the final time after 27 years.

The club opened in 1989 and was known for its legendary terrace, Carl Cox's mind-blowing sets and 22 hour dance marathons on a Sunday.

The Space Closing Fiesta was the final event at the venue as its lease has not been renewed.

"Space is synonymous with Ibiza," one clubber said as the final tunes were played at the weekend.

"Being with all of you has meant everything!!" organisers told fans on the big screen.

The final historic moments of Space Ibiza as it closed for good on October 3rd 2016.

The final historic moments of Space Ibiza as it closed for good on October 3rd 2016.

Ushuaïa are supposed to be taking over the site and therefore we at Ibiza Concepts ask, who will design the new club or facility which is planned for the site?  Maybe the owners should open up a competition to all local architects and designers to come up with some ideas.

I know here at Ibiza Concepts we have lots of ideas!

Meanwhile look back at 27 years of Space Ibiza by watching this video

RIBA Announce Stirling Award 2016 winner! Damien Hirst Gallery!!

Caruso St Johns Newport Street Gallery, London

Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery has won the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture for the UK’s best new building.

Caruso St John Architects converted a street of listed industrial buildings in south London into a free public gallery to house Hirst’s private art collection, which includes works by Tracey Emin and Pablo Picasso. They were honoured at a special ceremony at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Thursday evening.

It is the first time the architects have taken home the prize, despite having been shortlisted twice before for Brick House in west London in 2006 and the New Art Gallery in Walsall in 2000. 

Newport Street Gallery involved the transformation of a street facing a railway line in Vauxhall. Three listed Victorian industrial buildings, formerly carpentry and scenery painting workshops for West End theatres, have been remodelled and flanked at either end by entirely new buildings; one with a striking, spiky saw-tooth roof.

Congratulations to all involved and to the contractors, Walter Lilly.



Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) announce Stirling Award Shortlist

The six shortlisted buildings will now go head-to-head for architecture's highest accolade, to be awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects on Thursday 6 October 2016. Now in its twenty-first year, the 2016 RIBA Stirling Prize is sponsored by Almacantar.

Ibiza Concepts loves the Outhouse entry and this could be a way for Ibiza to continue with controlled but sustainable development without harming the beauty of the island.  With the landscape Ibiza has, is there any need to keep seeing white concrete walls built into the hillsides, why not build the houses into the ground? 

Ibiza Concepts favourite nomination for this years RIBA Stirling Award.    Awesome design by Loyn & Co Architects.

Ibiza Concepts favourite nomination for this years RIBA Stirling Award. 

Awesome design by Loyn & Co Architects.

Ibiza Concepts launch new website

September 2016 and the start for us of a new 'school' year.

So time for us to brush off the dust, out with the old and in with the new.

We hope you like our new clean crisp look site?  Its designed to be simple, non pretentious and easy to navigate.

But ultimately, if you need to know more?  We are only a call or email away.

Any property subject you would like more information about? Drop us a line and we'll discuss next BLOG.