Ibiza watches and waits for news of the Plan Territorial

Plan Territorial Insular

Plan Territorial Insular

The wait goes on as many of the islands property lawyers led by the Balearic Architects Association get legal with the Consell D'Eivissa.  The current stop on all rustic planning applications has been deemed illegal by the architects association as has the ridiculous changes to the proposed Plan Territorial Insular.

Land owners across the island have seen their investments stopped in their tracks, all caused by inexperienced Councillors who frankly appear to have no idea of the law. 

Everyone within the property business of Ibiza should take the time to write to their local Councillor demanding their support to remove the proposed changes to the Plan Territorial Insular immediately. 

The only thing the changes will make if they are allowed to become law?  More illegal building - hardly a useful result. 

One wonders how long it will be until a vote of no confidence in this administration can create a mid-term election to bring back some sanity to Ibiza and it's sustainable development?