Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa - big changes being announced Friday Nov 25th 2016

How will the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa affect you?

How will the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa affect you?

Friday November 25th 2016 will see a new list of changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

The wait for land owners, property developers, builders and residents is finally over.

There have been many rumoured changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa however we at Ibiza Concepts will have all the facts for you as they are announced on Friday.

The changes may well hurt many people.  Indeed If you have just bought some land without a project/planning permission you may not be able to build on it.

Changes may even be retrospective so even those people with submitted planning applications may still have to redesign their projects and resubmit.

What is certain is that there will be a large degree of uncertainty.

Times like these people need clear and concise information.  Can you trust your architect/agent to know exactly what all the proposed changes will mean and how to ensure your land or project will achieve planning permission.

We will be live at the Consell D'Eivissa whilst updating this page live on Friday as full details of all the changes to the Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa are announced.

For more information about the proposed changes or for help with a project you are submitting or have submitted then contact us today.

Viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016 verán una nueva lista de cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

La espera para propietarios, promotores, constructores y residentes es finalmente sobre.

Ha habido muchos rumores cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa sin embargo conceptos de Ibiza tenemos todos los hechos para que usted como anunciaron el viernes.

Los cambios bien pueden lastimar a muchas personas. De hecho si usted acaba de comprar un terreno sin un permiso de planificación del proyecto puede no poder construir en él.

Cambios pueden incluso ser retrospectivas así que incluso las personas con presentaron aplicaciones de planificación puede todavía debe rediseñar sus proyectos y vuelva a enviarla.

Lo cierto es que habrá un alto grado de incertidumbre.

Tiempos como estas personas necesitan información clara y concisa. Puede confiar su arquitecto/agente para saber exactamente lo que significa todos los cambios propuestos y cómo asegurar su tierra o proyecto va a lograr permiso de planeamiento.

Estaremos en vivo en el Consell D'Eivissa y actualizando esta página viva el viernes como se anuncian los detalles completos de todos los cambios en el Plan Territorial Insular de Eivissa.

Para obtener más información acerca de los cambios propuestos o para obtener ayuda con un proyecto presenta o ha presentado entonces comuníquese con nosotros hoy.

Ibiza Concepts sizing up 'Dubai Concepts'.

Al Marjan Islands, Dubai

Al Marjan Islands, Dubai

Very exciting news this week from one of our UK based clients seeking to potentially open a brand new hotel & clubbing venue on the magical islands of Al Marjan, Dubai.

Tasked initially with an investigative field trip of the city and reclaimed islands, Ibiza Concepts is beginning an in-depth investment report for one of the UK's major club players. As the clubbing culture changes in the UK, sadly at the moment for the worse, major operators are looking further afield for new markets.

The brief includes background research of the islands potential for a new super club, open all year round, targeting clubbers from around the world. Dance music is rapidly changing as are the demographics with the average age of a clubber higher than ever with more dispensable income.

Matt Denyer, Director of Ibiza Concepts said 'the exciting thing about property is that you never know where or what the next project might bring and our office is now buzzing with Middle Eastern promise because of our clients requirements'.

Ibiza Concepts will be meeting with Al Marjan Island LLC, the investment group handling the islands development in the coming weeks, watch this space for more news as the project develops.